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"Small and rural hospitals have woven themselves in to the fabric of my career.  The hospital settings have been free standing hospitals to hospitals that are part of major integrated not for profit and for profit systems of care.  Most all of my work  has been with physicians in the ambulatory environment.  Through all of this I have had the opportunity to see best practices in action.  Integrated Ambulatory Care:  Key Growth Strategies for Small and Rural Hospitals brings to you a summation of best practices that I have experienced.  Enjoy the read and let me know if there is anything that I can do to assist you in your leadership venture in these organizations. "          Jim Hamilton  

A Short Treatise for a Common Sense Framework for Health Care Reform


A Short Treatise for a Common Sense Framework for Health Care Reform is a concise book of principles that would provide a guide that would completely revolutionize our health care system.  This book walks the reader through our current system of care to an innovative model of individualized medicine.


The author builds a case to change the current debate which is a business (insurance) centric model of care to one that is clinically driven. Additionally a compelling case is made for the future of medicine being the next technological leap for this country.  This would once again place our country in the premier position as a technology leader.


If you want a quick easy read of common sense yet challenging thoughts and ideas regarding the future of our health care system, A Short Treatis for a Common Sense Framework of Health Care Reform is a must read.

"As scientific as medicine tries to make basic chemistry analysis, these are still nothing more than gross measures of disease.  It is like watching the score board in a ball game without looking at the field to see the interworking of the game strategies and execution.  It is on the playing field where the difference in medicine is made.  It is within the human genome that the strategies of pathology are being played out." 


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