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From time to time comments of the readers will be posted under news and events.  Additionally, locations for current speaking engagements, book signing events or other news announcements will be provided.  This will keep you up to date on the activities of the author.

Special Announcement:  November 2, 2017


Integrated Ambulatory Care:  Key Growth Strategies for Small and Rural Hospitals

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A Short Treatise on a Common Sense Framework For Health Care Reform
Book Signings:

Defiance Public Library - Defiance, OH  

Barnes and Noble - Glenbrook Square 

Williams County Public Library - Bryan, OH


Speaking Engagements:


Indiana Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW) - Walb Union Rooms 


Huntington University, Huntington IN, Merillat Centre


Indiana University South Bend (IUSB) - Student Activities Center


Grace Point Church, Mayhew Road, Fort Wayne, IN 


Valparaiso University, Harre Union, Alumni Room 269, Valparaiso, IN 


Greencroft Community Center, Goshen, IN  


Optimist Club, Bluffton, IN

News Announcements:
Trine University - 2018 Innovation One Finalist
Predictive Analytics for Successful Integration - Physicians/Hospitals/Health System
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Indianapolis Star 


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February 27, 2014 - Published Article - Becker's Hospital Review - The Impact of Disruptive Technology and the Extinction of Hospital Care


On Air Interview - Pat Miller - WOWO Radio (92.3 FM/1190 AM) - Fort Wayne, IN


On Air Interview - Brian Thomas - WKRC Radio (550 AM) - Cincinnati, OH


Full Teaching Load - Health Care Economics, Health Care and Business Ethics and Conservation Ecology


Allen County Public Library - Authors Fair - Great Hall - Fort Wayne, IN.

Patient Centered Change


Everyone agrees that healthcare needs to change in order to meet the growing demands of today as well as tomorrow.  But the key to any change is to first understand the vast complexity of healthcare while not losing focus on the patient and the quality care the patient expects and deserves.  Jim Hamilton’s “Treatise on a Common Sense Framework for Health care Reform” provides a brief summary of healthcare in the US and spells out that the Affordable Care Act only attempts to change healthcare from a financial perspective without considering the broader implications.  The “Treatise” states: “Health care is about the clinical care of patients and not the business of medicine.  You need to reform the clinical model, which in turn will reform the business model.”  How many US citizens will be negatively affected by the dramatic changes in accessibility and availability of needed health care in the US before it is acknowledged that a different approach to health care change is necessary?  This “Treatise” provides the foundation for “patient centered change.”


John Wodniak - FACHE



A Must Read


If you're looking for a dramatically different take on the health care debate, you'll find it here. This brief treatise is a quick, easy read that packs a punch. While the general public tends to think our health care options end with "Obamacare vs. the current system," Hamilton's book offers up something else, presenting a compelling, well-organized argument in favor of individualized medicine and the research that supports it. Despite Hamilton's extensive background in the health care industry, you'll find no industry jargon or tough-to-grasp explanations. If you're expecting a book that tears apart the ACA, this isn't it. Hamilton forges a new path, and provides a thought-provoking look at an optimistic future of health care that we COULD be headed toward, should we choose it.


A must read no matter where you stand on this issue.


Taryn Lawson - Writer and News Reporter - Defiance Crescent News, Defiance, Ohio



Intelligently Sketched


"It's a thin book but its enough room for Hamilton to pack in an intelligently sketched outline of an alternative course for health care."


Robert Caylor - Business Reporter - News-Sentinel, Fort Wayne, Indiana



Workable and Reasonable Health Care System


This short and easy read book provides a large framework for us to develop a workable and reasonable healthcare system.


Patrick Hurley



Wonderful Book


I want to thank you for writing a wonderful book!!  I have learned a lot from your book and have been citing you in my class discussion.  Your book is the kind of book that everyone in the health care field should read.  Please keep writing as we health care leaders need guidance.


Engracia Palma - Graduate Student - Masters in Health Administration


A Great Bluerint for Healthcare Reform


This book is a must-read for anyone who cares about our health care system and the economic vitality of the United States in the global marketplace.


Tom Dennis


Individualized Medicine in the News - Supports the Premise of "A Common Sense Framework for Health Care Reform"


Washington Post - 


"The National Institutes of Health is undertaking an ambitious collaboration wiith private industry in an attempt to speed up the search for treatments for some of the world's most devastating diseases - Alzheimer's, Type 2 Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus".


"The initiative - called the Accelerating Medicines Partnership, or AMP takes a more comprehensive approach, bringing scientists from industry and government together to look at the universe of possibilities and prioritize the most promising targets for treatments.  The project builds on the foundation of data analysis and sharing that was laid by the sequencing of the human genome in 2001(4)".


Los Angeles Times - 


Experts: Compact DNA Sequencer May Make Individualized Medicine A Reality.


The Los Angeles Times reported that the Illumina MiSeqDx, a “compact DNA sequencer, has the potential to change the way doctors care for patients by making individualized medicine a reality, experts say.” The device can accurately scan a patient’s genome “in about a day two of the nation’s top experts indicated in the New England Journal of Medicine.”  National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins, MD, and Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Margaret Hamburg, MD wrote that the “confluence of ‘faster, cheaper and better’ is likely to accelerate the use of genetic information in everyday medical care.”



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